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ACM #51 Features:

Jeffrey Allen, Melissa Barrett, Lori Brack, John Colburn, Elizabeth J. Colen, Joshua Corey, Hannah Craig, Neil De La Flor, Nick Demske, Rob Dennis, Okla Elliott, Andrew Ervin, Elisa Gabbert, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Baird Harper, Jacob S. Knabb, David Kutz-Marks, Karen An-Hwei Lee, Dawn Lonsinger, Anthony Madrid, Kyle McCord, Dylan Nice, Colleen O'Connor, Simon Perchik, Nate Pritts, Coralie Reed, Elizabeth Robinson, Emily Rosko, Matt Rowan, Pir Rothenberg, Maureen Seaton, Katie Jean Shinkle, Dawn Tefft, Micheal Teig, Russ Woods, Ryo Yamaguchi