New Fiction Editor: Matt Rowan

I am thrilled to be joining the staff of Another Chicago Magazine. It’s a publication I’ve long admired. I had a great time of working with ACM in the past, in a different capacity and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for ACM’s future. All of this is rather generic to say but I MEAN IT. I really do. I’ve had opportunities to work with various publications before, and I value those experiences, but I’ve never been quite so excited as am now, to be responsible for fiction editorial duties here at ACM.

As for a little about me: I live in Chicago with my fiancee, Ashley Collier, and two awesome, tiny dogs. I’m the author of the short story collection Why God Why (Love Symbol Press, 2013). Along with ACM, my editorial duties include co-editing Untoward Magazine and the recently launched humor and fiction website, Horrible Satan. I’ve published work in places like SmokeLong Quarterly, Booth Journal, Gigantic, Atticus Review, Pear Noir! and PANK, among others. You can read more things and stuff on my personal blog at

In terms of the fiction I enjoy, I’d say one key aspect of it is that it introduces an engaging narrative fairly early on. I can’t really get behind a short story that takes seven pages to really get going (perhaps a novel, but not a short story). Bring me in, get me excited to keep reading, please! We’ll get along great if you do that. Also, being weird is good. I enjoy inventive language and stories that take creative risks.

Here are some stories available around the internet that I love (and which get going fairly quickly in my opinion):

Angela Allan’s “Amelia Fucking Earhart”


George Saunders’ “Sea Oak”


Lindsay Hunter’s “The Baby”


Faith Gardner’s “Deciduous Man”


and a piece by Etgar Keret, “God The Midget”


Along with those named above, my favorite writers include Daniil Kharms, Robert Walser, Franz Kafka, Russell Edson, Lorrie Moore, Jane Bowles, Ben Loory, Amelia Gray, Shane Jones, Amber Sparks, and Mathias Svalina.

So send us your work. I look forward to giving it a look.